Booklet Survey

A booklet is being created with information about classmates attending the Reunion.

Those attending the reunion can complete this survey which asks what information do you want in the booklet.

If the survey is not completed then no information will be in the booklet about the attendee.

The booklet will also be available to those not attending the reunion event.  If you buy a booklet then you can also complete the survey.  If you want a booklet and are not attending the event, click on the 60th Reunion tab in the upper left corner of the homepage and only buy the booklet.

The booklet will contain contact information for classmates who have completed the survey.  The survey is about what contact information about you that you want to be published in the booklet and comments about you and your life you would like to share with your classmates.

The booklet will also contain information about the Class of 1960 Attendees.

The booklet will be distributed the night of the reunion the night of the reunion.   The deadline to complete this survey is September 1.  Booklets bought by those not attending the reunion will be mailed to the address in the classmate profile.

You must be a member to submit this survey. If you are a member please log in first. You can't submit this form until you've logged in.

1)   What name would you like in the booklet

2)   What address would you like in the booklet

3)   What phone number would you like in the booklet

4)   What email would you like in the booklet

5)   What information would you like to share with your classmates about you and your life. Please limit to 400 characters